The Shaw Lane Foundation
Shaw Lane Charity Barnsley

The Shaw Lane Foundation

The Shaw Lane Foundation is a registered charity that supports the local community by providing and managing facilities and development opportunities, the charity is based at Shaw Lane and is responsible for co-ordinating community activity in the area and beyond, as well as the management of the Shaw Lane Sports Club. The Shaw Lane Foundation was established in 2003 and is in its 12th year of operation.

Besides partnership working, much of the Shaw Lane Foundation's work centres around direct promotion and successful completion of activities to meet the ever changing needs of our community

Shaw Lane Sports Club is in Barnsley South Yorkshire, a former mining town, which still bears the scars of its industry. The Shaw Lane Foundation has been instrumental in engaging with the local community and has forged links with many community groups who deal with the more vulnerable members of society. Through the efforts of the Shaw Lane Foundation the site is now a venue where vulnerable groups feel comfortable and safe. It is well lit, warm and has plenty of car parking and grassed areas and is fully accessible by all. Because it is seen as being a sporting venue, the area and site is recognised as neutral by all communities.

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