The Shaw Lane Foundation

About Us

About Us

Shaw Lane provides high quality facilities for recreation or other leisure time activities for everyone. Sports based at our 18 acre site include rugby, squash, cricket, archery, football, bowling and road running.

Shaw Lane Sports Club is a multi-sport centre which sits in a 15 acre site in a town centre environment. Besides the usual sporting opportunities that are available to the public such as cricket, rugby, football etc, there are a number of organisations which work with the local community who use the site and provide services and activities for a wide range of vulnerable and hard to reach groups. 

The Shaw Lane Foundation takes care of the infrastructure needs of these partner organisations and also promotes use of the site through its own activities. The purpose of the charity is to manage and utilise the site as effectively as possible so that the potential of both the site and its users is maximised to benefit the whole community. Outreach work is equally important with many activities taking place in the heart of the community that we serve

The most effective way of delivering our mission is to utilise partnership working. As an example, The Shaw Lane Foundation provides facilities for many hard to reach groups to improve their general health and well-being. Some of these these activities are carried out in conjunction with development partners such as PSS Liverpool who provide NHS Health Trainers to Barnsley. Many more examples of partnership working exist through a wide spectrum of activity and partner, everyone working together successfully to encourage the people of Barnsley to live a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

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