The Shaw Lane Foundation

Our Achievements

Our Achievements

In the last 10 years Shaw Lane has changed beyond recognition from the run down cricket, squash and bowling club it once was. The Shaw Lane Foundation has acted to integrate new sports and activities whilst upgrading facilities to accommodate these groups. The facilities now include 3 rugby pitches, 2 cricket pitches, 3 tennis courts, athletics facilities, plus football pitches. The Shaw Lane Foundation has worked closely with the squash club to upgrade it to County Gold standard and has provided a new astro-turf and cricket pavilion as well as numerous small improvements. The jewel in the crown is undoubtably the £1.2 million community room which is fully utilised through the year and provides social and changing facilities for thousands of users. In the last year for instance The Shaw Lane Foundation has:-

- provided 12 weeks of holiday activities with an average of 80 participants per day
- provided 5 community based outreach sessions for older people per week
- held 3 Disability Sports days for average of 200 participants in May, July and September
- established a community allotment providing and clearing land. The allotment has over 50 visitors per week
- an activity based club for teenagers with learning disabilities with an average of 15 participants per day

The Shaw Lane Foundation also manages activity on the site which has an average of 1500 user visits per day, this includes:-

- liaising with 7 sports clubs to optimise use of the facility, changing rooms, meetings etc
- management of astroturf, tennis courts and grass sports pitches
- Providing ground maintenance services for the huge complex as well as 2 local schools and Horizon A.L.C.

The Shaw Lane Foundation has a superb track record in health and sports development in the past and employed a Development Worker from 2003-6. This arrangement proved successful and led to the formation of Barnsley Sport & Activity Forum Ltd who developed to provide delivery of sports and community health development programmes to Barnsley as Active Barnsley.

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